A job analysis questionnaire can be described, in simple words, as a set of questions which is asked to the employees so as to bring various aspects of the concerned job.

The analysis should contain some generic questions like the physical and mental labor to be put in carrying out the daily chores of the work, the academic and experience required to be eligible for the job and also the type of responsibility each employee has to carry out. Additionally, the job analysis should have provision to evaluate the satisfactory level of the employee as far as the salary, working environment and other factors are concerned.

Almost all organization deems necessary to perform job analysis on a regular basis and hence effective formulation of job analysis questionnaire is essential for them. Constructing a job analysis questionnaire is generally done by professionals and the following points will help him in effective construction of the same.

  1. The analysis questionnaire should have a proper blend of open-ended and close-ended questions. The close-ended questions should provide meaningful options to the respondent and effective enough to derive out meaningful conclusions. The open-ended ones should be carefully formatted so as to derive the true outlook of the respondent.
  2. All the questions should have a polite tone which will encourage the answerer to complete the entire questionnaire. No humiliating or offensive tone should be used.
  3. The order in which the questions are placed is also important. The flow of questions should be gradual.
  4. Often a job analysis questionnaire is formulated for a specific purpose. In that case, all the questions should be relevant and pertaining to that particular use.
  5. Care should be taken to ensure that no grammatical errors creep up in the questionnaire. These sorts of mistakes lead a bad impression to the responder and discourage him from answering.