Health questionnaires are usually used by health facilities for the purpose of assessing an individual’s health status. However, various non-profit organizations as well as health insurance companies also require such a questionnaire to be filled out. This method provides sufficient information on the present state of health and is important for ensuring no health hazard or chronic illness is being faced. Constructing a health questionnaire can be an arduous process as one must keep in mind that various topics and subtopics are touched upon in the questionnaire.

Since this a general format, the questionnaire needs to touch upon all aspects of an individual’s health so that the most appropriate and exhaustive information can be gathered. The objective of creating the health questionnaire is to ensure that all medical information gathered can be used to improve the current health situation or retain an already improved situation.

  • First, it is of the utmost importance to emphasize the purpose of the health questionnaire. It is essential that all respondents are aware of why they are being asked to attempt such a questionnaire. This ensures that all questions are attempted and proper health information is imparted.
  • The health questionnaire must divide all questions according to separate categories. For example, the personal eating habits should conform to one section of the questionnaire, daily work out regiment should form another, illness or handicaps will be another part and so on and so forth.
  • There must also be questions related to any accidents or events that might have affected the overall health of an individual. Various options must be inserted so that a great number of respondents are able to answer, as applicable.
  • Health questionnaires must also have questions related to substance abuse of any sort. This is highly important and affects the overall health of an individual.