A questionnaire is a set of questions which are aimed at getting maximum response from a selected group of people. A questionnaire is a document which has either subjective or objective questions based on a certain topic or subject. A good questionnaire is one which is effective enough to collect maximum views or feedbacks from the respondents and is framed in a grammatically correct way or manner. In order to frame a good questionnaire, there are certain points that have to be kept in mind. You can go through the following given tips if you wish to write a good questionnaire.

  • To begin with, the person writing a questionnaire must have a clear purpose in mind.¬† Without a clear aim or objective, the questionnaire may not come out to be impressive or strong.
  • A good questionnaire is one which has a set of relevant questions which are directly related to the subject. The questions must be to the point and must contribute in serving the objective.
  • The length of the questions in any questionnaire must not exceed beyond 2 lines because long questions seem to be boring as well as dragged in nature.
  • In the case where objective questions are given, one must include suitable choices or options as well.
  • In order to get a good questionnaire, one must write only those questions which are technically correct and are well researched by the writer. If there are any questions with loopholes or wrong information, the respondents might lose interest in the questionnaire.
  • One must always check for spelling mistakes or sentence formation mistakes after completing the writing process of the questions.
  • It is important for a questionnaire to have a name because without a name, the questionnaire might not have any identity.

Thus following these points, one can frame a good questionnaire.