Fun questionnaires are created for the purpose of certain social exercises that help in lightening the overall mood of the audience or the participant. These kinds of questionnaires can be constructed for varied reasons, for example: these serve as great conversation starters in social gatherings. Some corporate sectors also take up this method for creating a better and more rejuvenated work atmosphere within. These can, nonetheless, be quite challenging since a lot of factors have to be kept in mind. There is a very thin line in trying to be funny and creating offence, hence these questionnaires need to be formulated keeping in mind the group or niche it is being presented to.

There is also the matter of the type of humor being used in such questionnaires. Crass or slapstick comedy should be avoided when constructing the fun questionnaire. There are certain important points to keep in mind while making this questionnaire:

  • Language: It does not matter what questions are being asked as long as the language used is crisp, unobtrusive and is able to deliver the fun required.
  • Brevity: Fun questionnaires should be an easy read. Lengthy questions and options will negate the intended entertainment of the questionnaire and dampen the experience all together.
  • Comedy Genre: Every fun questionnaire must be comedic. One must always avoid blatant humor and ensure that the questionnaire comes across as dignified as possible.
  • Games: Sometimes adding games in the form of questions can also be quite engaging for the respondents. This is a popular way of ensuring that all participate and complete the questionnaire.
  • Topics or Themes: A particular topic should be made constant within the questionnaire. It is essential that the fun questionnaire is coherent in its structuring. Random or haphazardly selected themes do not help in the fun quotient of the questionnaire.