Friendship is considered to be the most sacred bonds of mankind – one that is nurtured and cherished all through one’s life. Numerous books, movies, songs and poems have been created to celebrate this special relationship and uphold its virtues to the world. A friendship questionnaire is one such tool that may aid man to choose the right friend and foster the relationship for the rest of his life.

A friendship questionnaire comprises of a set of questions that would enable one to review one’s relations and work on their betterment. It is essential to analyze the attributes that holds two friends together and thereby helps them to understand the value of their relationship and the importance of preserving the friendship.

Following are a few tips that may be regarded while designing a friendship questionnaire:

  • Purpose: The questionnaire should remain loyal to its purpose. It should focus on the points that would facilitate the desired outcome.
  • Questions: The questions should be framed cleverly that would bring out the various aspects of one’s friendship. For example, questions may be asked on the things that the two people involved like and dislike about each other, how long they have been friends or the common features that they share.
  • Fun quotient: The questionnaire must have a playful note. There must be enough fun elements to compel the respondents to complete the questionnaire.
  • Psychological aspect: As these questions are mainly based on psychology, the questions must succeed in sketching the personalities of the respondents on the basis of their answers.
  • Compatibility: The questionnaire must test the compatibility between two friends. The convention therefore is to create a multiple-choice format that would compare the personalities and priorities of the two individuals and therein bring forth the way each perceives the other.
  • Comprehensiveness: The questionnaire should cover a wide spectrum and yet not go on for pages. Brief, interesting questionnaires are found to be more engaging and have better completion rates than dull, tedious ones.