Every business venture demands proper financial planning to yield optimum results with minimal fiscal risks. Hence, a financial questionnaire has become a must for drawing flowcharts for any business project. These are a set of questions that are used by financial analysts to gauge the spending habits of organizations and review if the expenditure is justified or to analyze the kind of expenditure a certain project demands and whether it would be able to recover the amount invested. As financial questionnaires are issued to clarify monetary doubts and help companies to chart out plans that would involve minimum loss, it is extremely important that such documents are drafted with absolute precision and professionalism. The following points might come in handy while creating such questionnaires:

  • The questions should be framed intelligently so that it gathers all the necessary information regarding the concerned project, the budget involved, the management group responsible for its handling and the program designed to ensure financial progress.
  • The accounting methods adopted by the organization should be questioned to check if the company follows the required norms and procedures.
  • The questionnaire should incorporate queries related to marketing strategies that the company plans to adopt to attract customers and earn revenues.
  • The questionnaire must adopt a neutral tone to encourage honest replies from the respondents. The choice of anonymity may be offered to obtain their trust and help them to drop their inhibitions.
  • Additional space may be kept to accommodate suggestions and comments that the respondents may feel to convey apart from answering the questions.
  • Tabular form may be used for calculating the estimated payoff expected from the project.
  • The language used should be lucid and easily comprehensible.