It is not rocket science to know how to write a customer questionnaire; in fact it is more like a walk in the park. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about customers? The appropriate answer would be I or me. Yes! All of us are customers in one way or the other. So when you are thinking about how to write a customer questionnaire, you need to first place yourself in a customer’s shoes and think what would be the questions that you might think of as a customer. There are several elements that are incorporated when creating a customer questionnaire like customer perception, choices, needs or requirement, liking or disliking and much more.

Writing a Customer Questionnaire

The process of writing a customer questionnaire is fairly simple because we are all customers and there are hundreds of questions that we would want to ask organizations across the world. When you are able to identify with the needs of a customer, it will be easier to draft the questions as well. There is an easier way though, which is incorporating the following sections into the questionnaire:

  • Customer Behavior: One of the most important areas to focus on in a customer questionnaire is customer behavior. Customer behavior deals with how customer needs change, what factors play a role in changing customer attitude, does the customer have a strong liking for certain products or service etc. A sample question in this section would be: Do you feel that the “abc” product is perfect for your daily needs? How do you rate the “abc” product against its competition?
  • Customer Experience: This is another important section and deals not only with customer experience with the brand and the organization but also measures consumer satisfaction that comes from the experience. A sample question in this category would be: How satisfied are you with the organizations technical support? Does the organization offer customer loyalty programs?