When someone asks how to write a career questionnaire then it might sound very difficult but in reality that is not how it is. Writing a career questionnaire is quite easy and it all depends on what the core concept is. A career questionnaire can be focused on a specific career or it can be generic in nature. The important thing here is to identify and then understand what is the primary objective or the career questionnaire. Once you understand that, it will be easy to write a career questionnaire. You need to also ensure that the questions are created in such a way that the feedback received is meaningful to the pursuit of the answers that you require.

Writing a Career questionnaire

The process of creating a career questionnaire is quite simple although the questions are completely dependent on the type of information you require. There are several ways to write a career questionnaire but whatever be the way, the inclusion of the following aspects would help you in the long run. The aspects include:

  • Career Development: The first aspect is career development and this is an important aspect because it will set the pace for creating or writing the career questionnaire. Career development primarily deals with knowing what career options are there, how you plan to develop a career, how to take control of your career and much more. A sample question would be: How satisfied are you with your current career?
  • Career Planning: The second aspect is career planning and it deals with the various strategies that you need to form so that you can take your career from point A to point B. The questions can revolve around where you want to see yourself 5 years from now or Do you want to learn new skills so that it helps in vertical growth etc.