It is never easy knowing how to write a business questionnaire but with a few tips and a little help you will be an expert in creating your own business questionnaires. A business questionnaire is often known as a business survey and varies from one organization to another. The questions in a business questionnaire depend on various factors like the industry, type of brand, type of target audience, and much more. Even though, the questions can and will vary, the core concept of how to write a business questionnaire and the fundamental areas covered in the questionnaire remains the same.

Writing a business questionnaire

Every business questionnaire is created following a set pattern although the nature or type of questions can be different. There are three important aspects that you need to consider in order to write a business questionnaire that is in sync with your requirements and the relevance of the questionnaire. These aspects are:

  • Business Development: The first and foremost aspect is business development. Business development deals with questions related to the development of the business, growth, and various policies and strategies that go into it. A sample question would be like: How do you plan to reach out to the target audience or what type of marketing strategies will promote your business in the market?
  • Business Growth: This second aspect of a business questionnaire deals with areas that promote growth of the business or organization on the whole. There are several indicators of growth and the questions can be created to revolve around them. A sample question would be: Are the employees in your organization well equipped to drive growth?
  • Business Assessment: This is the final aspect and deals primarily with assessment of the entire business operation. This section can be business process specific or market versus business or business vis-√†-vis customers. A sample question will be: Are your customers satisfied with the products you offer?