Brand questionnaire is a document assigned to collect the spending pattern and preferences of the customers with regard to a specific brand. The brand questionnaire helps a company to build a brand for specific products and thereby increase their sales over a period of time. It also helps in identification of the changing trends in the shopping pattern of customers at large. By conducting the brand questionnaire companies can predict the movement of products and thus get good profits.

While brand questionnaire is a good way to assess the changing trends, it should be remembered that it should be framed in a meticulous manner keeping these points in mind:

  • The questions must be straight forward without any deviation from the desired topic that is being focused at.
  • The questions must not favor towards any particular brand as the ultimate feedback from the questionnaire will become biased.
  • The questions should be short and simple without any ambiguity.
  • The questions must not be vague and cause confusion to the customer while filling the questionnaire.
  • The idea of obtaining the brand questionnaire should be specified at the beginning of the questionnaire itself.
  • The question should not exceed more than ten as the customers will lose interest while filling and will not be able to do justice to the questionnaire.

The brand questionnaire should be designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the customers. Also the questionnaire should not ask questions that directly reflect a specific brand. Lastly another thing that should be remembered is that the questionnaire should not ask statistical questions about any brands such as what is the income or profits of the company, the market share of the company etc. Keeping these points in mind will help get the ideal result of conducting a brand questionnaire.