Questionnaires can be created either in a paper format or online with the help of certain software available for an amount or free of charge. The goal is to get the maximum amount of information from the maximum number of people and an online questionnaire helps one to create a systematic, well-formatted list of questions which can be asked to people not living nearby.

As people are busy and are mostly at their computers nowadays, an online questionnaire is ideally the best way to know about people’s opinions as they are fast, categorized properly, well-structured, easy to understand and it is also easy for the creator of the questionnaire to get the results.

There are many websites which have the option of different formats for creating questionnaires and also for easy calculation. You can go through the process and select one according to your convenience.

  • First you can create a questionnaire by typing the questions in a Word document and then go to websites which give you the option of importing a questionnaire into their website and in a particular format. Some sites also have the option of creating the questionnaire in the website instead of importing it. You can save the file and then send it to anyone through emails or by posting the link where others can click and on and reach the page. Once they answer the questions, all the responses are automatically recorded in the site and it is easier for you to tabulate the results
  • Online questionnaires are created through certain programs and softwares which you can use yourself or take the help of sites like Zoomerang and Instant Survey. Most of these software require you to register, that is, you have to give your name and email address along with some other details but besides that it is usually free of charge.
  • In Zoomerang, you can click on the ‘Create survey’ tab, followed by ‘Import survey from text’ tab or ‘Create survey from scratch’ tab. Give a title to the questionnaire and copy it from your word file and paste it here or create a fresh questionnaire. In Instant Survey, after you sign up, select your language and click ‘create’ and ‘new’. You can import the questionnaire by following the same method as the previous one and then distribute it according to your choice. Other websites also have similar instructions.
  • If you are replying to a questionnaire online, then you just have to follow the basic instructions given in the questionnaire and answer accordingly. If there are multiple choice questions then you need to select an option. If there are open ended question you can type your answer in detail. Or you can also just click on yes, no and give grades if it is a ratings questions. Once you are done, just click send or finish and your answers will automatically be registered and it will be recorded. The file will be sent to the creator of the questionnaire so that he can write a report based on your responses.


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