A questionnaire is an effective way to garner information related to a specific purpose from a targeted number of people. Through this process one can learn the preferences, opinions and knowledge of an individual or group who is being surveyed. However, a smooth and effective survey process could only be conducted, if a good questionnaire with relevant inquisitions is being drafted. Irrespective of the purpose for which it is being solicited, one must ensure to abide by the following points in order to make a good and useful questionnaire.

  • One should rightly identify the targeted group and the purpose for which the questionnaire is being written. This is required for drafting relevant and specific questions.
  • Always provide a section for stating the purpose of the questionnaire at the foremost stage. This would deliver an idea to the responder about why the questionnaire is being solicited and its necessities.
  • Formulate the questions in such a way so that it covers all the aspects of the concerning purpose. Ensure not to write similar questions as it might deter the interest of the responder.
  • Ensure to draft such questions which can be clearly understandable and concise in nature. Language is one of the prime factors that have to be considered in order to make a lucid questionnaire.
  • Try to make the questionnaire short and consolidated. Arrange the questions in a chronological manner according to its priority. In order to do so one can also limit the responses of each questions by making it multiple choice questionnaire or one word answer kind.
  • Before distributing the questionnaire one must ensure that the inquisitions are rightly framed and does not contain any inadvertent errors. This is because a mistake might create wrong impression on the reader.

Thus considering these points, one can make a good questionnaire.