Creating a questionnaire is not as easy as it seems. There are various factors that need to be considered while drafting a questionnaire. Here are a few guidelines that may be helpful while creating a questionnaire.

  • Understand the Purpose: The first step towards creating a good questionnaire is to understand the reason as to why the questionnaire is being drafted. It is essential to know as to what all information is required to be extracted by way of the questions you are given to frame. Only when you are clear about the outcome would you be able to work on framing appropriate questions.
  • Study well about the subject: It is essential to have a thorough knowledge about the subject if you are planning to design a questionnaire. This is because most questions in a questionnaire are multiple choice ones and if you are not clear with the subject then you would not be able to provide appropriate options.
  • Keep it simple: It is essential to make use of simple language so that the person given to resolve the questionnaire understands it easily and quickly. This applies especially to those questionnaires that are designed for the consumer surveys as the consumers have no personal interest in answering the questions and if they do not understand certain terminology they would not take much pain to find out the meaning. They would rather leave it blank.
  • Focus on close ended questions: In order to get the exact answers as per your requirement, it is suggested to ask close ended questions.