A household travel survey questionnaire is one that helps to identify the pattern of travel used by people living in a household. The questionnaire aims to understand the general living patterns of the household, the various modes of transport used by the household members apart from accessibility to various transport modes. Thus this questionnaire takes into consideration the preferences of members in a houselhold to travel to various locations such as work, education, leisure etc. The questionnaire has to be responded by one member selected in the household on behalf of all the members of the household.

Sample Household travel survey questionnaire

Name of the household member – ______________________________

Address of the household member – ______________________________

Contact number of household member – _____________________________

Email id of household member – _____________________________

Number of members in household – _____________________________

1. What is the mode of transport that members in your household make use of for travel to work, education and leisure?

a. Personal vehicle

b. Public transport system

c. Walk

d. Hired vehicle system

2. If the members of your household are making use of personal vehicle please specify the type of ownership of the vehicle used by them?

a. Owned by parent

b. Owned by children

c. No ownership

d. Mortgage ownership of one member

3. Do all the members in your family have license to drive?

a. Yes

b. No

4. Please specify the mode of transport which has been mostly used by members of your household in the past one week?

a. Self driven car

b. Hired car

c. Road transport

d. Rail transport

5. Can you please specify the modes of transport that has been rarely used by the members of your household?

a. Car

b. Bus

c. Walk

d. Train

6. Can you specify the primary reason for members of your family not to take up a specific mode of travel?

a. Availability

b. Convenience

c. Cost factor