House Planning Questionnaire is designed by the house planning consultants and their clients are asked to fill it. They provide these questionnaires to their clients and ask them to answer to the questions given in it so that these consultants understand as to what the client is looking for and guide them accordingly. Planning the design of a new house as well as redesigning the house is quite a tedious task and is not possible without professional help and the professionals also cannot help you properly unless they understand your exact requirement this is where the role of a house planning questionnaire comes in. The below given sample house planning questionnaire would give you an idea about how this questionnaire looks like.

Sample House Planning Questionnaire

Please mention your name:

Provide your address:

Your mobile number:

Your current occupation:

Email id:

  • Address of the property that needs to be planned:


  • Are you planning to design a new house or re design an existing one?
  • Where did you get to hear about our house planning services?

a)      From a friend/ colleague

b)      On the internet

c)      Newspaper/ magazine

  • Would you like to go through our catalogue containing different designs or do you have any specific design in your mind?


  • If you have any specific design in your mind then please share it, in short.


  • What is it that you want us to work on? Please choose an appropriate answer from the below given options:

a)      An empty plot

b)      A flat

c)      An old bungalow

  • What is your budget for planning/ designing the house?


  • What kind of design are you looking forward to?


  • Have you already purchased a house or have you short listed a few and would like us to help you choose one out of those?


  • If you have already purchased a house then please share as to how many rooms does it have?