When high schools are recruiting students the usually look at their ability to excel in among other things, studies and extra-curricular activities. Not many ever infer on the personality of the student. Those that infer usually have an oral assessment, but that would require a questionnaire. The high school personality questionnaire looks into the character of the student in an attempt to find out if they will be socially cohesive once they join the institution. This is usually done as the last step once the student has been assessed on all the other requirements. This is usually the last part to get to know if the student will be of good behavior.

Name: _______________________________________________________________

Age: __________________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

Did your previous school have children from different races? (Tick the appropriate answer)



If yes, how did you feel about going to the same class with them?


Found it normal________

Wished they could all look alike________

Appreciated the diversity________

How do you feel about having students of a different gender in the same class as you?

Don’t mind________

A little distracted________

Really mind________

Used to it________

What would you do if you discovered that one of your classmates had a problem with a subject in which you excel in?

Offer to help________

Ask other students to help________

Just give him/her your books________

Leave it up to the subject teacher________

What would you do if you found out that one of your friends has a drug problem?

Report him/her to the authorities________

Take issue with him/her and ask to help________

Take him/her to the school counselor________

Leave him/her be; It’s personal________