Health education has become very important in current scenario because of change in lifestyle and environment. People have become more sensitive in health issues than older days. Government stresses upon spreading health education among people and for this purpose many organizations have been given authority. WHO plays very important role in spreading health awareness among people.

Now days’ education authorities have made it mandatory even for schools to teach students about health issues. Many efforts are put in this area by government to assess the knowledge level of people about this subject; one such attempt is conducting surveys.  Health education providers prepare questionnaires about health education impact and distribute it among people to know their awareness level and these are known as health education impact questionnaire.

Sample Health Education Impact Questionnaire:

Name:                                     _________________

Gender:                                  _________________

Address:                                _________________

Contact Number:                 _________________

Email id:                                _________________

Age:                                       _________________

Qualification:                       _________________

Q1. Do you think health education is important for everyone?

A)   Yes

B)    No

Q2. How much weightage do you give to health awareness? Choose the option that describes your level of awareness best.

A)   Very important

B)    Important

C)    Not so important

D)    Time waste

Q3. Do you prefer your children to get health education in their schools?

A)   Yes

B)    No

Q3. Do you think health education can improve lives of many?

A)   Yes

B)    No

Q4. How would you respond if your child asks you about Sex?

A)    I will shout at him

B)    I will ignore him

C)    I will answer his question and clear his doubts in the best possible way

D)    None of the above

Q5. What type of exercise do you do? Please select the option that describes your answer best.

A)     I walk for 15 minutes daily for exercise

B)     I do at least any one type of physical activity daily for 30 minutes

C)     I do physical activities on alternative days

D)     I don’t do exercise