Framing a questionnaire with multiple questions may be a daunting task for many as it involves understanding of the subject and attention to detail. A questionnaire must have relevant questions and also in the case of objective type questions, the choices given for answers must also be appropriate. Before framing or writing a questionnaire, any person must keep certain things in mind. If you wish to write a questionnaire, then you can refer to the following given points and suggestions:

  • Before starting to write a questionnaire, one must be very clear about its purpose, target audience and its theme or subject.  Without this information, framing a questionnaire is practically not possible.
  • A questionnaire must consist of both subjective and objective type questions but focus must be more on objective questions because those are easy to answer and can help sustain the interest of the respondents.
  • Any questionnaire may or may not ask for the respondent’s details such as the name, address, contact information etc but it is preferred to ask for these details.
  • A questionnaire must always have a name so that the respondents can easily identify with it and relate to it in a better way.
  • The questions in a questionnaire must not be very lengthy or dragged. This is because lengthy questions tend to make the questionnaire boring.
  • The questionnaire must not have questions that are difficult to understand for the respondents. For this, easy vocabulary must be used which can be understood by everyone.
  • Any questionnaire that has more than required number of questions is considered ineffective because respondents tend to lose interest mid way through the answering process.
  • Only relevant questions must be added in a questionnaire and all the questions must be technically correct and free of any grammatical errors or mistakes.