A green marketing questionnaire is a questionnaire which bases its questions on issues related to green marketing. The world marketing experts are concentrating on newer methods of environmental friendly marketing ways and this questionnaire is focussed on such topics.

Sample green marketing questionnaire:

Name of respondent: ____________

Age of respondent: _____________

Address of respondent: _____________

Phone number of respondent: _____________

Email address of respondent: _______________

Business name: ________________________

Marketing head name: __________________

Please answer the following questions which are based on green marketing. Answer all the questions for a fair result and evaluation.

Q1. Does your company believe in the concept of green marketing?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q2. How do you think would you help the environment by following green marketing strategies and regulations?


Q3. In your opinion how is green marketing more effective than regular marketing techniques?

Q4. What plans and actions does your company take to implement green marketing?


Q5. Do you think you are doing enough to save the environment by your policies?


Q6. How do you think the regular marketing techniques harm the environment?


Q7. Where do you stand in comparison to other companies when it comes to following green marketing?


Q8. Do you believe in the concept of complete green marketing conditions throughout the world?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q9. Give your opinion on whether green marketing will bring you as much profit as it did before?


Q10. What are the main areas to be focussed upon for bringing in green marketing for your current project?