Good questionnaire questions have several points working for them. Planning and drafting good questions for a questionnaire is not an easy task as it demands a deep understanding of the research purpose and the corresponding procedures, The following points reveal, to a good extent, the characteristics of good questionnaire questions –

  • The questions should focus solely on the research topic and aim at evoking the truth of the study
  • For concrete responses, it is better to make the questions one-dimensional, so that the answers are variegated yet in a particular direction to bring coherence in processing the research
  • The questions of the questionnaire are good if they present with a wide range of practical answers. That means a provision of multiple options instead of dichotomous alternatives of replying must be integrated to make the inquiry more wholesome.
  • A very important element to be accounted for while planning good questionnaire questions is to make the answers prominently exclusive in order to erase or minimize the factor of ambiguity in the minds of the respondents.
  • From an overall perspective, the process of transition from one question to the next should be very smooth in order to make the full structure of the questionnaire more scientific.
  • Usage of terms or complex phrases is strictly prohibited in framing good questionnaire questions so that the confidence of the respondents remains intact while answering
  • Another crucial point about good questionnaire questions is that they don’t tend to assume an answer from the participants.