A game market research questionnaire is a questionnaire which is framed by organisations to get a point of view of different people on the game market. The questions asked in such a questionnaire are all linked to the topic of game market and its various attributes and can be either in the form of objective or subjective type questions.

Game Market Research Questionnaire Sample:

Name of respondent: _____________________

Age of respondent: _______________________

Gender of respondent: ____________________

Email address: ___________________________

Contact number: _________________________

Address: ________________________________

Are you a game freak? _____________________

Do you own any video game? ____________________

Please answer the following questions about the game market.

Q1.  What all games to do engage in playing out of the following?

a)   Indoor games

b)   Outdoor games

Q2. Do you play games on the mobile phone?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q3. Do you play video games?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q4. What all video games do you play, if the answer of the previous question is yes?

a)   TV games

b)   Play station

c)   X box

d)   Other

Q5. Which are the features that you look for on in a Video or TV game?

a)   Graphics

b)   Game strategy

c)   Sound

d)   Other

Q6. On what basis do you buy a video game or other game?

a)   Its price

b)   Its popularity

c)   Its availability

d)   Its game structure

Q7. What are the best possible game ideas according to you?


Q8. Which according to you is the most popular upcoming game?