A funny questionnaire is simply that – funny. Often, the response needed may carry a lot of weight to the researcher, but the respondent may not realize it, because it looks full of jest material than serious content. The advantage of using such questionnaires is that respondents find them fun to answer and therefore do not refuse to take part in such a survey. Funny questionnaires usually revolve around life experiences that appear funny to most people.  Researchers use such to gauge people’s response to constructed scenarios in their lives. Such questionnaires are best answered orally than in written form because the oral word is able to bring out the fun better than the written word.

Funny Questionnaire on Teenage Relationship Building

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Age: _____________________________________________________________

School year: _______________________________________________________

Q1. Suppose I had a big nose, and big ears, would you still allow me to ask you these questions? ______________

Q2. If you could not hear, talk or feel, how else would you experience beauty and the world at large? ___________

Q3. I have different types of friends. Some like talking so much, others like singing. Others on the other hand like playing on the fields all day. Which group do you think I should hang out with more often? _____________

Q4. Suppose one of your classmates stuck a naughty note on a fellow classmate without her/him knowing it, how would you react to such?

a. Watch them as they deal with it

b. Alert the person with the note stuck on him but refuse to disclose who stuck it

c. Plead with the first classmate to remove the note

d. Other (specify) ________________________

Q5. I agree that morality is a virtue. But, do you know where it came from? ___________