A funny dating questionnaire is a document drafted for individuals who are planning to go on a date or individuals who have already been on a date. The sole purpose of this questionnaire is to have fun and get an idea about how people would behave on a date. The questions set in the questionnaire should be humorous and based on the topic of dating.

Sample Funny Dating Questionnaire

Name: __________________

Date of birth: _______________

Gender: _____________

Occupation: _______________

Residential address: ___________________

Mobile number: _______________

Residential phone number: ____________

Email id: _____________

Q1. Suppose you go on a blind date and find that your date is not good looking, what would you do?

a)   Make an excuse and leave

b)   Behave funny so that the person finds you irritating and leaves

c)   Behave normally

Q2. If you are dating in a restaurant and insisted on paying a bill, but when you are about the bill you find that your purse is missing, what would you do?

a)   Speak the truth

b)   Make an excuse to go to the washroom and escape

c)   Wait to wash the dishes

Q3. Suppose you go a blind date and find your date to be your ex, how would you react?


Q4. What is your main purpose of going on a date?

a)   Having fun

b)   Looking for a life partner

c)   For adventure

Q5. If your blind date turns out to be a celebrity, what would your reaction be?

a)   Faint on the spot

b)   Behave normally

c)   Become speechless