Many people like to plan ahead for their funeral and tend to seek professional help for the same. These people often meet funeral planning consultants or funeral planners and ask for different funeral packages they have. Even for those cases where the relatives are to take care of the funeral arrangements later on, professional guidance is required.

For their own convenience as well as for the convenience of their clients most of the funeral planners have designed funeral planning questionnaires. These questionnaires include several questions to find out as to what the client’s requirement is so that he can make the arrangements accordingly. The below given sample funeral planning questionnaire is the one for a client who is planning ahead for his own funeral.

Sample Funeral Planning Questionnaire

  • Please mention your name: ___________________
  • What is your age? _______________________
  • Please provide your contact number: _______________________
  • Please provide an alternate contact number: ___________________
  • Please provide the contact details of the person we should contact at the time of your funeral: ______________________
  • Please provide information about your mode of payment: ________________________
  • Which of the following funeral procedures would you choose?

a)      Burial

b)      Cremation

  • Do you have any specific location choice for your funeral?

a)      Not Really

b)      Yes, I do

  • If the answer to the previous question is yes then please specify as to which location do you want your funeral to be done?


  • Is there any specific time of the day you would like your funeral to take place?


  • You would like your funeral to be followed by (Please select an appropriate option from the ones mentioned below):

a)      Tea/ Coffee

b)      Tea/ Coffee and snacks

c)      Lunch

  • Is your family aware about the arrangements you are planning about your own funeral.

a)      Yes

b)      No

c)      A Friend is aware about the same

  • Is there any particular kind of funeral arrangement that you have in mind or would you like to have a look at our catalogue to decide?