A functional job analysis questionnaire is one that obtains information from the employee regarding the present job position. This questionnaire is essential for the employers as it helps to identify the key functions performed by the employees besides assisting in analyzing the importance of the said job role.

Sample Functional Job Analysis Questionnaire

Name of the employee  : —————————————

Address and contact details of the employee : —————————————

Email of employee : —————————————

Employee id : —————————————

Employee department : —————————————

1. Please provide your present position or designation assigned to you in the company?


2. Are you a permanent employee or a temporary employee in the company?

a. Permanent

b. Temporary

3. Since how long have you been working in this position?

a. Less than six months

b. More than six months

c. Less than one year

d. More than one year

4. Please provide the various important functions that you perform in this position?


5. Please provide various miscellaneous functions that you perform in this position which are not very vital?


6. What is the minimum level of education necessary for this job position?

a. High school

b. Bachelor’s degree

c. Master’s degree

d. Doctoral degree

7. What are the various skills that the candidate must possess for this job position?

a. Communication skills

b. Analytical and math skills

c. Negotiation skills

d. Leadership skills

e. All of the above

8. How many people report to you directly under this position?

a. One

b. Two

c. Three

d. More than three

9. Who is your reporting supervisor for this position?


10. Does your job position require communication with external agencies or clients frequently?

a. Yes

b. No

11. Does your job position demand your presence in the office premises always during the working hours?

a. Yes

b. No