A fun wedding questionnaire is a set of questions drafted with the purpose of having fun and is filled by a person who is about to get married. The questionnaire helps an individual making preparations for his wedding to feel a bit relaxed due to the fun elements involved in the questions. The questions are related to the wedding plans of the individual and also based on the various reasons for getting married.

Sample Fun Wedding Questionnaire:

Name: ______________________

Date of birth: ___________

Gender: ________

Address: _____________________

Mobile number: _____________

Residential Phone Number: _______________

Email id: _____________________________

Wedding date: ___________

Wedding location: ____________

Q1. What would you do if on the wedding day you find that you have left the wedding ring back at home?


Q2. If on the day of wedding, you find that your bride/ groom has run away what would you do?

a)      Marry the bridesmaid

b)      Cancel the wedding

c)      Marry someone from the guests

Q3. Would you prefer to get married in a church or in an island?

a)      In a church

b)      In an island

Q4. What would you do if you find that the cost is exceeding your wedding budget?

a)      Cancel the wedding

b)      Cut down the guest list

Q5. What would you tell your father in law to convince him to gift you a car?


Q6. Where do you plan to go for your honeymoon?


Q7. What would you do if you find that the tailor is not ready with your wedding dress?





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