Fun questionnaires are of real fun. A little amusement for anyone can relieve him from all worldly pressures and make him afresh. Everyone loves to examine oneself in various fields. These questionnaires are not meant for any serious reasons. They are just played for excitement and pleasure.

While designing a fun questionnaire your center of attention should be on creating exhilaration among the users who are going to solve the questions. At no point of time they should find it boring. You can add some common questions like favorite color, destination, song, etc.

Situational questions like what if you are given a chance to go in your past or future will make the questionnaire more interesting. There can be questions about who would you like to change. There should be options for answering the questions. The options should be apt, neither too many nor too less. Avoid any ambiguity, instead focus on making questions simple so that the user can answer it in one reading.

Questions, where ranking of objects is involved, there should be minimum use of options. This will save their time and will make the further analysis easier. Don’t include long question where the user have to think much. You can replace that by two short questions to get precise answers.

Have option to skip any question where the user finds it difficult to answer. This can be done only for some questions where awareness is required. For questions with certain answers this facility can be avoided.

Thus fun questionnaires can be really fun.