Friends are allowed to know each other. Often times however, people who consider themselves friends concentrate on narrow interests thus ignoring some of the other ideals that make life interesting. With the fun questionnaire for friends, a group of friends can indiscriminately get to know each other without making the activity look so serious or formal. The questionnaire can also be used as a fun way of checking and gauging the spontaneity among a group of friends. Overall, the questions are a good way of passing time. The questions contained in this type of questionnaire can vary greatly from one group to another.


1.What book are you reading now? ___________

2.Who is your favorite actor/ actress? ___________

3.What is your favorite movie of all time? ___________

4.What time is it? ___________

5.If you could change something about yourself, what would that be? ___________

6.Are you in love? ___________

7.What do you like most about being around friends? ___________

8.What is your favorite drink? ___________

9.What is your idea of having fun? ___________

  1. You will grow up some day, won’t you? ___________
  2. Are you able to love people with all your heart, mind and soul? ___________
  3. How can you describe the worst feeling that you have ever experienced? ___________
  4. What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you wake up in the morning? ___________
  5. How many times do you wait for your phone to ring before you pick it up? ___________
  6. Do you plan to have children in future?     How many? ___________
  7. What is your favorite smell/flavor? ___________
  8. When you grow up (whenever that will be) you would like to be a  ___________
  9. How much do you like your food? ___________
  10. What is your idea of partying? ___________