Fun questionnaires for Facebook can be created by anyone.  A person need not be adept at making questionnaires in order to do it. The bottom line for such questionnaires however is fun. If they are not entertaining, then chances are people won’t take part in them. Being a social networking site, Facebook is a platform where people from different countries, religions, ages and cultures meet. As such, the more general the questionnaire is, the better it will be. This is because more people will be able to identify with it. Like in other questionnaires, Facebook questionnaires also need to have scores in order to assess each respondent’s performance.


1.What was the first thing that crossed your mind when you saw the word “Poke” on Facebook?

2.What percentage of friends do you “really” communicate with on Facebook?

3.Write the first thing that comes to mind on the words/phrases below. All your answers must start with the first letter of your answer. So if your answer to friend is Michael, then all the subsequent answers must start with “M”. Have fun…

  • Friend ___________
  • Boy ___________
  • Girl ___________
  • Occupation ___________
  • Color ___________
  • Clothing item ___________
  • Food ___________
  • Bathroom ___________
  • Movie ___________
  • Shout ___________
  • Music ___________
  • Drink ___________
  • Animal ___________
  • Street ___________
  • Verb ___________

4.What part of you body do you like most/ consider an asset? ___________

5.What scares you most? An animal or a person? ___________

6.What among gum, lip-gloss and IPod do you consider an everyday essential? ___________

7.Would you rather have trust, passion or honesty in a relationship? ___________

8.Success, health or love. Which of the three would you like to have before dying? ___________