Most couples want to know as much details about each other as they possibly can. Problem is, asking too many questions about a person can stifle communication especially when one party feels that the questions are irrelevant. With the use of a fun questionnaire for couples however, the same questions can be asked and answered in a casual way that allows every inquisitive bone in the two people to be fully satisfied. Such questionnaires can be downloaded free on the Internet and used in a relaxed atmosphere. The questionnaires can be used by couples who have just started a relationship or those who have been in it for years. Below is a sample:

Fun Questionnaire for Couples

1.Briefly describe your dream vacation destination ___________

2.Is sensuality and sexuality different? (How?) ___________

3.In addition to the differences in spelling and pronunciation, what is the difference between sex, romance and love? ___________

4.Men are more romantic than women. True or false? ___________

5.What is the best piece of advice on relationships that you have ever received from anyone? ___________

6.Is there something like “too much love”? ___________

7.Is it right for me or you to have best friends of the opposite sex? ___________

8.Describe your happiest moments in life ___________

9.Describe a time when you were most unhappy ___________

  1. Do you have some sexual fantasies? ___________
  2. What types of clothes do you find most sexy in people of the opposite sex? ___________
  3. Do you think honesty, trust and faithfulness are important in a relationship? ___________
  4. What are your best memories growing up? ___________
  5. What is the most memorable thing you ever did or say as a child? ___________