A fun questionnaire example is a sample questionnaire that is created solely for the sake of fun. This type of questionnaire is a fun test that can be taken by anyone including men, women, and children of any age.

Sample Fun Questionnaire Example:

Name of the participant: ____________________________

Gender: __________________________

Age: ___________________


Q1. Do you ever want to go to the Moon?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends on how long I live

Q2. Do you think there are aliens?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends on whether God wants competition or not

Q3. Have you ever seen an UFO?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Only in movies
  • Only in my dreams

Q4. How would you react if you opened your door to find the President?

  • Eeek….my home is so un-presidential!
  • Damn! Does the president never sleep?
  • Who cares about the president?
  • Really!! Is that possible?
  • Who is the president?

Q5. What would you do if your best friend fell off the boat into a deep river?

  • Wait for him/her to shout for help
  • Try to help him/her back into the boat
  • Wait for the alligators to appear
  • Let him/her flow downstream with the current
  • Let him/her be poor animal’s lunch

Q6. What is your take on the Jurassic Park?

  • The movie sunk really low
  • The special effects were mind blowing
  • T-Rex was hot and happening
  • The sequels were better
  • Slept through the movie

Q7.Which of the following gothic band names attracts you the most?

  • Alice in chains
  • All about Eve
  • Dead Artist Syndrome
  • The Merry Thoughts
  • Radio Werewolf
  • Screaming Dead
  • Theatre of Ice
  • Astrovamps
  • Children on Stun
  • The Damned