A fun profile questionnaire is a set of questions which are designed for the purpose of fun and can be posted on the profile of an individual who is the member of a social networking site or a website. The purpose of these questions is to bring out the funny side of the individual creating his profile. The questions are usually humorous, light hearted and avoid seriousness and are drafted keeping it mind that the person filling up the questionnaire enjoys the process.

Sample Fun profile questionnaire:


Q1. Suppose you find a lamp on a deserted road and when you rub it a genie appears. What are the three wishes that you will ask for?


Q2. If you are driving a car and find a chicken crossing the road, what would you do?

a)   Stop the car till the chicken crosses

b)   Run over the chicken

c)   Stop the car, pick up the chicken so that you can take it home and cook it

Q4. If you are in a busy bank and you suddenly find a gun in your pocket, what would you do?

a)   Rob the bank

b)   Walk out terrified

c)   Hand it out to the security guard

Q5. Suppose you are travelling on a flight and find it hot inside, what would you do?

a)   Open one of the windows

b)   Jump out of the plane with a parachute

Q6. If you get a chance to play one of the superheroes in a film, which superhero would that be?


Q7. Would you ever like to campaign for the post of the president of the country?