Many people are amazed at just how little they know about themselves. Some of us are so busy with our day to day lifestyles that we rarely realize the way we do things or most importantly, why we do what we do.  A fun personal questionnaire is just one of the ways that a person can learn about who he or she really is. Such questionnaires also help people to realize their current mindsets, much to their amazement. Although this may seem trivial to some people, the reality is that such questionnaires can help a person become better in overcoming personal challenges or better still, it can be used to enhance personal growth.


Use ‘YES’, ‘NO’ or ‘NOT SURE’ answers for the following questions

1.Some people perceive the world as flat or round depending with the times or situations. Are you one of those people? ___________

2.Do you fully comprehend the meaning of the word “pleasure”? ___________

3.Does the personality of the person you are dealing with either casually or in a formal setting affect the decisions you make regarding the same? ___________

4.Most people look through dictionaries or directories when they are looking for specific details; others browse through such for pleasure. Do you fall in the latter group? ___________

5.Have you ever wondered why an idiot (according to your perception) is so wealthy, while your brains are not bringing you riches? ___________

6.Do you like making decisions, even when people do not agree with you? ___________

7.Can you describe any of your behaviors at work or home as impulsive? ___________

8.Your health needs to be protected. Do you agree? ___________

9.Does an unanticipated action surprise you? ___________

  1. Do you take the blame for things that have gone wrong in equal measure you take credit for things that turn up well? ___________
  2. Do you believe that there is such a thing as “circumstantial evidence”? ___________