Do you want to ask your friend funny and whacky questions? Are you seeking fun along with your friends?  Then fun friendship questionnaire is something through which you can ask funny questions from your friends. The sample of such a questionnaire is given below.

Sample Fun Friendship Questionnaire

1)   If you are about to take the photograph of a slice of cheese, what would it say?

2)   If train stops at the train station, then what stops in workstation?

3)   Why can’t you wear a boxing ring on your finger?

4)   Have you ever been to ‘Electri’city?

5)   What was the funniest prank you ever played and on whom?

6)   What animal do you resemble the best?

7)   Can you measure the diameter of your belly with a scale?

8)   Whom do you want to impersonate and why?

9)   Which soft drink gives you a terrible headache?

10)               You were just singing, then why did the bull charge at you?

11)               What if an endangered animal eats an endangered plant?

12)               What was the most embarrassing moment your life?

13)               What do you want for you birthday- the trowel or the shovel?

14)               If you could fly, then where would you go first?

15)               If you could have a shop of your own then, what would you sell?

16)               Why do you want to visit the Antarctica?

17)               Which is the most interesting incident of your life?

18)               What funny question do you want to add to the list?

19)               Which person do you want to take this questionnaire?