A fun employee questionnaire is a document drafted by an organization for its employees for the sole purpose of having fun. The main purpose of this questionnaire is usually employee retention by creating a light and humorous working environment. These questions have no effect on the performance scores of the employees and the questions are fun based and have no connection to job related queries. The questionnaire helps to reduce the work pressure of the employees and make them a bit relaxed. It also sometime helps to boost the morale of the employees.

Sample Fun Employee Questionnaire:


Employee name: ____________

Designation: _____________

Employee id: ____________

Department: ______________

Date of joining: ______________

Mobile number: _________________

Department extension number: _________________


Q1. If you don’t feel like coming to office on Monday, what convincing excuse would you give to stay back at home?


Q2. Suppose you are suddenly blessed with magical powers and want to use it to change one of your managers into an animal, which animal would that be? Why would you change him/her into that particular animal?


Q3. If you are stuck in between a boring meeting, what would you do?

a)   Go off to sleep

b)   Walk out with the excuse of going to the washroom

c)   Attend it quietly

Q4. Whenever there was work pressure, did you ever feel like blowing up the office building?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q5. If you were made the CEO of the organization for one day, what would you do?


Q6. How many off days do you think should be there in a week?