A fun birthday questionnaire is a set of questions answered by an individual celebrating his/ her birthday. The questionnaire contains questions related to the birthday of the individual and adds fun to the entire event.

Sample Fun Birthday Questionnaire



Name: _______________

Date of birth: __________________

Address: ____________________________________

Mobile number: _______________

Residential phone number: ________________

E mail id: _____________

Q1. How would you like to celebrate your birthday?


Q.2. If Santa Clause appears on your birthday as a guest, what gift would you ask for?


Q.3. Would you like to invite any celebrity on your birthday?

a) Yes

b) No

Q.4. If answer to the above question is yes, which celebrity would you like to invite?


Q.5. With whom would you like to celebrate your birthday?

a) Family

b) Friends

c) Strangers

d) Both family and friends

Q.6. If you were allowed to celebrate your birthday in any of the below mentioned locations, which one would you choose?

a) Buckingham palace

b) White house

c) Statue of Liberty

d) Eifel Tower

e) Leaning tower of Pisa

Q.7. Have you ever cut someone else’s birthday cake and blown the candles?

a) Yes

b) No

Q.8. If you had to add a whacky element to your birthday party, what would that be?

a) Cake fight

b) Food fight

c) Champagne shower

Q.9. If you order for chocolate cake and find that the cake shop has delivered another flavor, what would you do?

a) Cut the cake

b) Throw the cake

c) Return the cake and ask for refund