A fun at work questionnaire is a document drafted by the employee or HR for the employees of an organization. The purpose of the questionnaire is to analyze how the employees can have fun at work and what are the factors existing which make the workplace enjoyable and a great place to work. The questionnaire also helps to take the suggestion of the employees and decide the fun elements that can be added in the organization. The answers of this questionnaire help the management to take decisions so that the employees get motivated and at the same time, the attrition rate comes down.

Sample Fun At Work Questionnaire:

Employee name: ____________

Designation: _____________

Employee id: ____________

Department: ______________

Date of joining: ______________

Mobile number: _________________

Department extension number: _________________

Q1. Do you have any fun activities taking place in your team or department?

a)      Yes

b)      No

Q.2. If the answer to the above question is yes what are these fun activities organized?

a) Celebration of various festivals

b) Dress down days

c) Fun games

d) Team outing

e) Other, please specify: ____________

Q.3. How often are these fun activities organized?

a)  Once in a week

b) Once in a month

c) Once in three months

d) Once in six months

e) Once in a year

Q.4. Which facility provided by the organization makes it an enjoyable place to work?

a)  Games room

b) Library

c) Gym

d) Free internet

Q.5. Would you like to suggest more fun activities that will make the organization the best place to work?