A friend is the most important asset for anyone in this world. It is said that we cannot choose our relatives but choosing a right and attuned friend is always in our hands. To find a good friend in this world is not easy and if you have one, his friendship should be cherished throughout the life.

A friendship questionnaire is a best way to review a friendship. It facilitates you to find all the necessary facts you are looking for. You should always cherish a good friendship throughout your life. It becomes necessary to keep a record of your friendship to keep it perpetual and on the correct path.

Prior to designing a friendship questionnaire you must decide the points on which you will write questions. Focus should be on the purpose and end results of the questionnaire. You can start the good things in your friendship and include questions related to the date when you met your friend for the first time, since how long you are friends, profession of your friend and his hobbies.

Questions which describe the best things you like about each other, worst things you find in each other, may help to improve your personalities and will create a strong bond. You can also refer to some sample questionnaires on friendship to get an idea about the questions to be included.

A questionnaire is a best source to find out compatibility between friends so that they can work out on things which can make their friendship more strong.