The friendship questionnaire Baron Cohen was compiled by Baron – Cohen to investigate adults with autism or Asperger syndrome. These questions are comprehensible so a person should have absolutely no trouble to answer these. A questionnaire very similar to the Baron-Cohen questionnaire is given below.

Sample Friendship Questionnaire Baron-Cohen

Please choose the option that you can relate to the most. Answer all the questions.

1)   How many friends do you have?

a)   Let me see; let me see … No one.

b)   I have one or two friends.

c)   I have a large group of friends I hang out with and have fun.

d)   I go around with a lot of friends but none of them is my best friend.

2)   Do you have a best friend?

a)   Oh yes, I have one or two best friends with whom I share my feelings.

b)   I don’t have any friends.

c)   I and my best friend, we hang out with a very big group of friends.

3)   Do you like to make new friends?

a)   Uh-oh, I am too shy and an introvert. I just can’t go and talk to everybody.

b)   Yes, I do. That is why; my friend circle is so huge.

c)   Ummm….. I would like to, but I am not sure whether they would want to talk to me.

4)   To spend a day, what would be the minimum social contact that you would require?

a)   I don’t feel lonely, why would I want company?

b)   Oh God, I have to be near some people or I will suffocate, even if I don’t talk to them.

c)   At least a casual chat with a friend.

d)   More than anything from the above list.