A free user questionnaire is a standard questionnaire filled by the user after they have used a certain product manufactured by an organization. The questionnaire gives an idea about what the user thinks about a certain product or service. It is an effective way of helping the organization to make a decision to continue with the current pattern of the product or make required changes to improve it. When these types of questionnaires are available for free of cost on various websites, they are known as free user questionnaire.

Sample Free User Questionnaire

Name of the product: ______________

Name of the user: ______________

Address: Street address ___________ City _________ State _______________ Zip code _______

Phone number: ________________

Mobile number: ________________

E mail id: ____________

Q1. How did you get to know about our product?

a)   From friends or relatives

b)   From newspaper advertisements or hoardings

c)   From TV commercials

d)   From promotional plans of the company

Q2. Is this your first experience of using our product?

a)   Yes, it is

b)   No, I have used it earlier

Q3. If you have used this product earlier, what made you use this product again?

a)   Quality of the product

b)   Because it is easy to use

c)   Because the result is effective

d)   Because of the brand name

Q4. How satisfied are you after using this product?

a)   Very satisfied

b)   Satisfied

c)   Somewhat satisfied

d)   Not satisfied at all

Q5. According to you what is the best feature of the product?


Q6. According to you what is the worst feature of the product?


Q7. What features can be added in order to make the product better?