A free research questionnaire is a typical survey document that assembles several questions related to a certain research project and is available without any extra price tag, that is, it can be used by all without having to pay for it. The structure of the research questionnaire should be such that the significant aspects of analysis of the efficiency or suitability of the research can be brought out by the questions included therein. However, the questionnaire should also include specific questions based on research work and its various prospects.

Sample Free Research Questionnaire:

Topic of research: _____________________________

Research conducted by: _____________________________________

Participants: _____________________________________________________

Term of research: __ __/ __ __/ __ __ __ __ to __ __/ __ __/ __ __ __ __

Research commissioned by: ________________________________________

Main theme of research: _______________________________________________________

  1. What is the primary purpose or objective(s) of this research work?


  1. Is the area of work appropriate?
  • Yes
  • I am not sure
  • No
  1. What are the tools employed for this particular research?


  1. Describe the work procedure specific to the research



  1. What is the desired impact of the research?


  1. What is the present status of the research?


  1. Have you drawn any favourable conclusions?
  • Yes
  • No

In case of a Yes, give proper details: __________________________________________

  1. What have been the pitfalls till date, regarding the course of work conducted for research?


  1. Which are the areas where the research seems to be lagging behind?


  1. What are your suggestions for improvement of work quality for this particular research? Mention the issues that require special concern.