A financial support questionnaire is a helpful tool to determine information about someone who requires financial assistance; it can be a student seeking monetary aid like a scholarship, or a financial institution providing financial resources to someone to make a project successful. By answering the questions, a person gives his details through which the financial body can determine whether he deserves funding or not and what amount is to be sanctioned.

Sample Financial Support Questionnaire:

1)   Name: _______________________

2)   Gender: ______________

3)   Date of Birth: ________________

4)   Address: ___________

5)   Phone Number: ________________

6)   Email Address: _______________

7)   What is your employment status: ______________

8)   If you are employed, give the name and address of your employer: _____________

9)   If you are student, give the name and address of your educational institute: ___________

10)               How many people are there in your family?

11)               What is the total annual household income?

12)               What are your monthly expenses?

13)               What assets are owned by your immediate family? Please specify:

a)   Property            Value ________

b)   Land                  Value ________

c)   Motor vehicle              Value ________

d)   Other investments       Value ________

14)               Why do you require financial support? Please justify in brief. _________

15)               Explain how this financial aid will benefit you? ___________

16)               Please give a brief summary of your exam results: _________

17)               Do you have any experience in extra-curricular activities? If yes, give a brief summary of your activities and performance in activities which are beyond your basic curriculum. ______________

18)               Are you willing to work for in-campus jobs even if you get financial support?




Financial Evaluation