Every time you or your company invests in a new project or venture, it is classified as a financial risk. Spending money to make more money is a risk. Whenever analysts are called upon to verify the viability of an undertaking, they are supposed to come up with a report that is based on a financial risk questionnaire. This should spell out the key areas that will be of benefit and the conditions to be maintained to prevent a loss from occuring. Companies spend millions in research or marketing, hoping that this will attract more business and plough back more than what was spent initially. See a sample Financial Risk Questionnaire below;



Project Head___________________________________________

Head of Department (HOD) ________________________________

How would you describe your budgetary allocation? (Tick the appropriate answer)

Above board_________



Miniature compared to what needs to be done________



What do you feel should be the key signs of an effective budget?

Management or supervisory attention to the budget______________

A need for complete participation by all levels of management within the company_________

Well drafted estimates_____________

Corrected variances between premeditated performance and budget objectives_____________


Was the market research and project proposal done in a thorough manner?

The team totally outdid itself; exceptional results______________________

They evaluated different scenarios gave different credence to the proposal_____________________

Left a lot to be desired___________________



What factors will ensure a constant cash flow for the budget to meet financing of all risks?

Increased liquidity____________

Confident reliance on short term debt__________

Lowered discounts __________

Old receivables and other pending payments_____________