The financial planning survey questionnaire is a set of questions which when answered by an individual help him/ her understand his/ her financial situation. An analysis of the assets, liabilities and all investments etc help an individual decide whether the future of his loved ones is secure or not. It also brings in light the issues which need attention in order to gain financial security.

Sample Financial Planning Survey Questionnaire

Name: ___________________________

Age: ___________________________

Sex: ___________________________

Qualifications: ___________________________

Business details: ___________________________

Contact details: ___________________________

1. Kindly list the items you would call your assets and also give required specifications:

Assets Description Value

________________ ______________________ __________________

________________ ______________________ __________________

________________ ______________________ __________________

2. Kindly list the items which you see as liabilities and give the needed details:

Liabilities Description Value

________________ ______________________ __________________

________________ ______________________ __________________

________________ ______________________ __________________

3. What kind of investments do you generally venture into? (like long- term/ short- term, equity/ mutual funds etc)

4. Do you have an insurance policy for each member of your family? If yes specify.

5. Do you have medical and accidental insurance of your family member? Kindly give specifications.

6. How would you rate yourself from the following options:

a. Risk averse

b. Risk neutral

c. Risk loving

7. Do you pay taxes on regular basis?

a. Yes,

b. No.

8. Who handles your financial accounts and the payments etc?


9. Do you ever take professional financial advice?

a. Yes,

b. No.

10. If yes, then how often do you take financial advice?

11. Have you secured funds or assets in name of all your family members?