In every company, there are individuals who are paid to think on where the company should invest its income. They are paid to come up with ways in which the company can best invest in projects that have a high yield. There are also some who are paid to decide how much goes into what. For instance, how much goes into research, how much is spent on new acquisitions and so on. For these people to be trusted with such a demanding responsibility, they need to be screened for their ability to deliver and bring about the much needed revolution. Below is a Sample Financial Planner Questionnaire;

Name: ________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

How best would you describe yourself? (Tick the appropriate answer)

Extrovert______ Introvert__________    Creative ________

Relentless_______ Hands on_________

In what capacity would you prefer to work with?

Part of a team_______

Team leader________

I work alone__________

I could start as a team player and work my way to the top__________

What part of management do you find enjoyable?

People Management___________

Crisis Management___________

Risk Management___________

Resources Management ___________

How do you normally work up your presentations?

With a computer, using available accounting and presentation software_________

I prefer working with my pen and drawing sketches, writing formulas and deductions______

I could use any, depends on the company’s resource requirements__________

Which of these duties are you comfortable with?

Cashier (Petty Cash) _______________

Procurement Planner_____________

Credit Management____________


Are you comfortable with your career choice?

I am, although I could go back to school to change_______________

I am, would not change it ________

The career ‘chose’ me ______________

I come from a family full of people doing finance, it is deep rooted ____________