When you are deep in debt or are broke for an unprecedented period, financial advice comes in handy. Everyone is left vulnerable including the financial advisor. A financial advisor helps you to point out just how fast you spent your money. This allows you to be much more vigilant and perceptive of the way you handle it. He is able to do so by asking you all sorts of questions regarding your knowledge of financial planning to make sure the problems never recur. These set of questions are found in a financial plan questionnaire like the one below.

Name _____________________________________________________


Contacts ____________________________________________________

Do you ever keep a written budget? (Tick the appropriate answer)

Yes, every time________

I make more than I spend and find no need to__________


How many times do you spend your money faster than you make it?


Never, I live within my budget___________



Do you always feel like you get paid less than you should?




Other ______________________________________________________________________________

Are your savings done on a routine basis or whenever possible?

On a specific day of every month like clockwork_________

If my expenses leave me with enough money___________

I have no savings presently_________

Other ________________________________________________________________________________

Do you intend to keep to the financial plan or avert from it once you are out of the danger zone?

Yes Indeed________

I will try my best to keep to it __________

I will have no further need for it once my issues are solved__________

It is too early to tell _________