People perish due to lack of knowledge. This has been said countless times but how many people take time to learn how to better their financial standing. People tend to run and rectify situations when it is already too late. To avoid the downside that this may bring I advice you take time and learn as much as possible regarding your finances. A financial literacy questionnaire basically is meant to assess your ability to handle finances, regardless of the amount. Your ability to work with less money will most likely translate to how you handle money when you have a lot. Below is a simple sample financial literacy questionnaire to get you going.

What occupation do you currently hold? (Tick the appropriate answer)

Self employed_____________




Since time is money, how do you manage your time?

Work in shifts, someone steps in________

Work alone, rest when I have to_________

Every minute I am awake means I am working__________

Other ______________________________________________________________

Do you ever set priorities?

Yes, always do to get things done____________

No, I handle issues as they arise______________

Other __________________________________________________________________

Are you ever able to budget?

Yes, that is how I get by_________

No, I am confident in my business to do so ________________

Other _______________________________________________________________________

Do you prefer to work for your money or let your money work for you?

I work for my money, that’s how my world works__________

Work for my money and hope that my money will soon work for me___________

My money works for me__________

Other _____________________________________________________________________________

What are your goals towards increasing your income?

Learn more and earn more___________

Work harder at what you do________

Change my attitude to achieve better results ______

Try new things________

Other ______________________________________________________________________________




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