A financial advisor questionnaire seeks to establish how fitting a candidate is for a job as financial advisor. This document is drafted to test his knowledge and experience in finance. Apart from his/her financial literacy, the personality of the candidate has to be checked too based on how he would respond to certain real life scenarios. These persona based questions if well answered complement the educational qualifications of the candidate, putting him up for appointment. These questions are usually direct and to the point and should be answered aptly. An example of a financial advisor questionnaire is shown below.


Permanent Address_____________________________________________________________________

Current position (if any) _________________________________________________________________

If we told you that the company is running at a loss and we are depending on you to turn things around, what would be your inference? (Tick the appropriate answer)

I would rather work for a company that is doing well in the market________

I have the expertise to turn things around__________

I cannot guarantee that I will save the company_______


How would you feel if you were always made to work with a tight budget?


I can work with that any day_________

I can convince my superiors to try financing from other sources_______

Other______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

How would you define a Management by objective (MBO) system?

What is referred as ‘present value’?


Which among these is a suitable source of financing for a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME)?


Insurance companies_________

Venture capitalists_________

Government loans and grants_________

Brokerage houses_________