A financial advisor interview questionnaire is a type of a questionnaire which is used by financial institutions or organizations to assess the responses of the financial advisors. These questionnaires are used to know the common point of view of people who work as financial advisors.

These questions are put up in interviews which are meant to hire the advisor for a client or a company, the responses to which should be given on the spot and without taking time. Given below is a sample of a financial advisor interview questionnaire which can be used by any person for reference.

Sample Financial Advisor Interview Questionnaire

Name of the financial advisor:

Date of birth:

Contact number of the financial advisor:

Address of the financial advisor:

Official address of the financial advisor:

Kindly answer the following questions.

Q1. Please tell us about the kind of services you offer and your areas of expertise or specialty.

a)      Financial planning

b)      Portfolio management

c)      Investment decisions

d)     Other( please specify in a detailed way)

Q2. What is the exact size of the firm or company you represent?


Q3. How many clients are you currently working for?


Q4. How do you manage your clients and what is your management mantra?


Q5. If we agree to hire you, how would you like to be charged for the services you provide to us?

a)      Per day basis

b)      Per month basis

c)      Yearly basis

d)     Per service basis

e)      Other( please specify in a detailed way)

Q6. What is your main skill or forte of financial advising?


Q7. How has your past relationship been with your previous clients?

a)      Good and smooth

b)      Tough and complicated

c)      Exceptional cordial and formal

d)     Other( please explain in a detailed manner)

Q8. Would you like to inform us about something else?