Every company is subjected to risk in finance to earn more profit. Whenever there is a new investment for a new endeavor the chances of fiscal risks are more. It is the prime job of financial analysts to present before the company a report of financial questionnaire they have conducted. The company decides to undertake new projects only when there are viable chances of financial security.

The financial questionnaire should be based upon the important topics related to the improvement of the company. It should help to clear all the monetary doubts and explain in simple terms about what major steps a company has to take to avert any loss.

The financial questionnaire should include questions regarding the budget, project, head of the project, areas to be managed and what steps to be taken for financial progress. There should be queries related to the accounts such as whether the company has its register to maintain project expenditure and other such costs.

Earlier very little attention was paid to financial questionnaires due to less awareness of marketing strategies. But now many of the corporations are appointing specialists and spending huge money on market surveys. The main intention behind such research programs is to attract more and more customers and to recover the invested amount.